Nearly There

So I think I’m nearly there with the matching with don’t care’s algorithms, though I’ll need to do work work to the wiki pages once I’ve produced some statistics from the tests I’ve got running overnight. There’s still the unanswered question of whether or not using floating-point arithmetic is going to cause a problem (with false positives, for example), but it’s probably time to move on. If there’s an opportunity to look at this again later at some point that might be nice though…especially since the new number theory library (FLINT) seems slower than FFTW.

Having gotten to the bottom of some of the oddities in the timing (though the O(n\log m) version without any padding is still throwing up a few surprising results) it really does highlight the need to be careful when implementing some of the theory; all the stuff we ignore or “hide” in the asymptotic notation suddenly becomes a problem.

Also, we now have latex on the wiki!

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